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Affordable Samples, Inc. provides high quality samples for survey research plus programming, hosting and tabs.  Founded in 1991, we specialize in serving the needs of survey research companies and end users with online, telephone, consumer and business samples.  Samples are selectable using a wide range of targeting criteria and may be delivered via email or to your online survey which can be hosted either by you or by us.  We are the recognized leader in delivering both quality and value in sampling solutions.

Our Mission

Affordable Samples, Inc. serves the specialized needs of researchers who conduct surveys among general population and targeted subgroups. Our mission is to offer online, listed and random digit (RDD) samples - of both consumers and businesses - at lower prices than are available from other research sampling companies. We serve survey researchers with high quality, unbeatable service, superior selection and excellent value.

Why You Should Use ASI

Reason #1: Sampling Expertise. ASI was founded and is operated by Jim Sotzing, the former director of product development at Survey Sampling, Inc. and director of marketing research at Dun & Bradstreet. He is supported by a team of highly-trained Project Directors who are proficient in all aspects of sample production.

Reason #2: Data Sources. ASI draws from the same, nonexclusive data sources as other well-known sampling houses, plus many other specialized files.

Reason #3: Fast, Reliable Service. New customers are attracted to us by our low prices, but they stay with us because of our fast turnaround and extraordinary service. ASI has become the sampling vendor of choice for hundreds of respected survey research companies.

Reason #4: Low Prices. ASI prices will help you lower your project costs.

Telephone Sampling - Plus Online

The traditional technique for sampling consumer households was via the telephone. But increasingly, for a variety of excellent reasons, some surveys are better suited for the Internet. While other sampling companies focus primarily or exclusively on either online or offline sampling, we do both. Our specialty is helping clients evaluate the trade-offs between online and offline methods, targeted and broad-based approaches and then to deliver quality, low cost samples customized to the requirements of each project. In short, we offer value without sacrificing quality. What's more, our samples are based on some of the same underlying databases - plus many others - used by the larger sampling companies who charge much higher prices. And we offer terrific value. There simply is no reason to pay more.

How Does ASI Do it?

We approach the sampling business a new way. We are electronically linked to a variety of external databases and are constantly researching new types of selections in response to diversified client needs. We deliver value through our skill in recommending and delivering a properly selected sample and delivering it fast.

Our competition depends upon CPU-intensive computer-processing techniques and static in-house files. Their sample prices - both online and telephone - have traditionally reflected the overhead costs associated with data warehousing and maintenance. In contrast, our sample production procedures allow us to pass along significant cost savings to you.



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