Ethnic Telephone Samples

ASI offers a variety of ethnic samples for reaching the groups you need.

Black Samples - Based on Neighborhood Census Characteristics

ASI Black samples are created using neighborhood census geography and the density of Black population within individual neighborhoods. Those census tracts and block groups are selected which contain a specified percentage of Black population according to census data. All telephone households within qualifying census tracts/block groups are included in the sampling frame.

Researchers have the ability to define the Black density level that makes the most sense, 30%, 50%, 70%, or whatever. Households will be sampled from those census tracts/block groups which meet or exceed the defined density criterion. The higher the black population density level chosen, the greater the probability of reaching truly Black households. On the other hand, by including tracts/block groups with a lower population density, researchers will gain better representation of all Blacks because they will ultimately be including those who live in lower density Black areas. However, improved sample representation must be traded-off against a reduction in sample efficiency.

Hispanic, Asian and Other Ethnic Samples - Based on Ethnic Surnames

Hispanic, Asian and other ethnic samples are created using the method of ethnic surname matching. A file of unique surnames has been created for each ethnic group. For example, the Hispanic file includes surnames such as Martinez, Rodriguez, etc. Each unique surname file is matched against the master file of all listed telephone households. When there is a match between a unique ethnic surname and a surname in the master listed file, a code is attached to the record identifying the relevant ethnic group. It is thereby possible to create a sampling frame that consists of all telephone households coded for a particular ethnic group. Available surname selections are:




East European

East Indian














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