What makes ASI online sample different from other research panels and services?

- More responsive panelists - completion rates are often over 20%.

- Better service - we respond fast and your projects are completed on time and on schedule.

- Higher degree of panel segmentation - hundreds of profile diminsions wiith new ones constantly being added.

- More representative sample - panels closely parallel U.S. population proportions on all key profile characteristics.

- Faster delivery - results are available in days, not weeks or months.

- More cost-effective - all pricing based on completed interviews by qualified respondents.

- Better qualified to conduct low-incidence studies.

How many people do you have in your research panels?
Currently, there are more than two million individuals in the Consumer panel and more than one million in the Business panel. Both panels have historically grown at double digit rates each year.

How do you recruit your panel members?
ASI research panels are recruited using a controlled, "by invitation only" method. Panelists are sourced from the customer databases of partner companies which include a variety of travel, consumer product, business service and entertainment companies with new sources constantly being added. We do not use banner ads for panel recruitment, or purchased e-mail addresses from third parties.  In keeping with the pledge made to recruits, their identities are never revealed to clients unless they have given express permission for us to do so on specific applications such as for an in-home use test.

How segmented are your panels?
In a word, the answer is very.  The ASI Consumer and ASI Business panels are both highly segmented. During enrollment, each panelist creates a detailed demographic, psychographic and geographic profile with hundreads of variables.  Using this information as a starting point, ASI can select its samples to match any target audience desired. For example, ASI will also typically perform another "blind screener" to further pre-qualify panelists to match specific project needs.

How responsive are your panelists?
As you might expect survey completion rates vary depending on the topic, targeting, survey length, time or year and other variables, however, they typically  average 15 to 25% for consumer panelists and 25 to 35% among business panelists.

How do you maintain and update your panels?
In addition to recruiting new panelists on a regular basis, incentives are offered to all current panelists to keep their profiles up to date via regular recontact, at minimum once each year.  Dormant panelists are periodically removed as well as any panelist who has demonstrated survey "straight-lining" or has been providing inconsistent or illogical data.

How good is your business panel?
The B2B panel has occupational profile information and full business profile information available on most individuals. Average household income among these individuals is very high and titles include the most senior decision makers as well as middle management, technicians and foot soldiers. Survey completion rates average well into double digits, depending on the topic and survey difficulty.

How do you price your research studies?
Palelists are incentizied for every survey they do.   Our research studies are priced based on the number of surveys completed, survey length and targeting incidence.




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