Business Telephone Samples

ASI draws its business samples from The Dun & Bradstreet business file. D&B has the most complete and frequently updated business databases in the world. ASI is strategically aligned with D&B for sampling applications and has a direct electronic access to the business file. All sample specifications and selection coding are handled directly by ASI thus assuring proper sample selection and rapid turnaround.

Select Businesses by SIC and Size

Business samples may be selected by line of business in terms of their SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification). SIC codes are four or eight digit numeric codes assigned by the government to various business types. Each business in the file is assigned its appropriate SIC code during compilation.

Along with the SIC code, business records are assigned an employee size code

in terms of the following employee size ranges:

1 - 4 employees 50 - 99 employees

5 - 9 employees 100 - 499 employees

10 - 19 employees 500 - 999 employees

20 - 49 employees 1,000+ employees

Or you may select one of the following sales volume ranges:

Under $500K $10M - $99M

$500K - $999K $100M - $499M

$1M - $2.4M $500M - $999M

$2.5M - $4.9M $1 Billion+

$5.0M - $9.9M

Other Selection Factors Available

Headquarters/Branches/Single Locations

Primary/Secondary SICs


CEO Gender

Occupations At Home

It is possible to target broad categories of occupations at home, using self-reported data:

Executive/Upper Management

Business Owner


Home Based Business

Middle Management



Military Personnel





Blue Collar/Tradesman

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